Four-Tips Team

We built this web based application with the aim to be a knowledge base for individuals with Type-4 hair and further more bring awareness to marginalization of people in the world.

Carlton Osinde

Back-end Developer & Product Manager:
REST API, Google Cloud Platform, Express.js

Currently Studying at York University as a Computer Science student. I had a lot of fun working with Maureen and Lea. The best parts were coaching them on basic programming principles, writing the back-end logic and leading the project.

Maureen T'o

Front End-Developer:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Figma

Currently Studying at York University as a Physiotherapist student I really enjoyed how we used our individual strengths to our benefit and winning was the cherry on top. As a first-time hacker I learned how proper research and understanding our chosen topic benefitted us when it came to building the app.

Lea Wang

Researcher & Designer:
Google, Figma, Canva

Currently Studying at University Of Toronto as a Economics student. It was great to be part of a fun and challengin project. I learned a lot about programming and the process that goes behind creating an web-app.